Editing an Interview


This project involved learning how to edit a documentary through editing a thirty minute interview clip into a less than three minute film. I started with watching the videos about editing interviews. Then I watched the interview all the way through. I wrote down what questions I wanted to include in the video. I then inputted all the video into premiere, cut out the questions, and cleaned them up. Then I put them together and they B-roll video over them. I exported the video and uploaded it to youtube.

Terms and Concepts Covered

  • ¬†ctrl+k: cut
  • q: delete
  • cut out redundancies
  • inpoint and outpoint to delete
  • cut out ums ahs
  • Crossfade if sound is integrated into word
  • cut out statements directed to interview question
  • 20:00 3 point editing
  • 31:00 morph cut
  • 38:00 color grading

Collating Files and Storyboard

  • Question
    • Creative process
      • Finding the love
    • Cut away to both music videos
      • Relevant scenes over relevant information
  • Question 2
    • Greatest aspiration
      • Production company
      • Fining a family
    • Cut away to bad for you sketch
      • Shot of actor talking
  • Question 3
    • Will it all be worth it
      • Personal change
      • hard to write a story without human aspect
    • Cut away to music video clip
      • fade at the end to clip
      • relevant to the feeling of the interview

Project Skills Evidence

What I learned

During this project I learned even more about editing in Premiere Pro. One, I finally learned how to use a morph cut well by placing it over clips where the actor is not talking. I learned ow to efficiently cut out “ums” and “ahs” from clips, and how to mask the cuts with other clips if they were too noticeable. I learned how to piece together clips from an interview to flow with a narrative that makes the video enjoyable, and I learned how change the export settings of a video in the export window.

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